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When you are pregnant, finding good outfit pairings can be extra difficult not only because of the extra weight you need to carry, but also the extra curves that come with a changing maternity figure. The body goes through constant changes. As such, it can be difficult to know which of your clothes will fit for you or which is the comfortable to wear for this period.

We can say, Motherhood is an unparalleled experience that calls for the best of everything. Gone are the days when pregnancy was a hush hush affair, and the baby bump was something that mothers were required to hide.

Instead of the traditional layered frump, maternity clothes today are stylish, trendy and follow the fashionista code of conduct of being in vogue with the current fashion season.

Some of the top maternity trends include classic and subtle patterns. More flowy dresses that are not only comfortable but feminine and elegant are also filling up the shelves. If you are always looking for reasons to live in oversized tops and leggings, the current has a sassy provision for that as well!

Retain your fashionista status as we, at HappiMa, help you make the right fashion choice and this time, we will be assisting you with picking the right maternity clothes for a happy, comfortable, and stylish pregnancy.

If you are like most new moms, you are probably thinking twice about investing in maternity clothes, believing they are nothing but a waste of pregnancy funds that you can use for something “more important.” But an experienced “moms-to-be “take do the opposite—they invest in good maternity dresses online because they know how important these clothes. So here is the importance of HappiMa, we know what you are expecting,

"Happima creates innovative, functionable and comfortable maternity wears with reasonable prizes. So that ' expecting and new mothers' feel confident in their body"

We design maternity wear that is super comfortable and stylish that you will wear it even after maternity period. Our mission is to offer high quality dresses at reasonable prices respecting the needs of our customers. We make dresses for all stages of motherhood- pregnancy, nursing and beyond. Simply pick and choose your favorite styles from HappiMa and make your own perfect maternity wardrobe. Let us help you feel and look your best with our wide range of maternity wear and essentials that are mom and baby friendly.


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