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Frequently Asked Questions

We listed our frequently asked questions below for you. Click on the arrow at the top to see the answer. If you still have questions, you can fill out the contact us form.


HappiMa is a user-friendly website designed to offer an easy shopping experience to its customers. Once you have selected the product, select the size and add it to the cart. Continue shipping or checkout to confirm your order Then pay and give your location details.

You can contact our customer care regarding your doubts regarding any of our products and ordering.

There is no chance for that. We use non - toxic materials made in India.

You can click on the forgot password button in the login box, and by selecting mail or mobile number You will get an OTP to log in into your account.


Enter the required information in the registration form, which you can view by clicking the "sign-in" button on the HappiMa home page and clicking "Register". After providing your information completely and correctly, You will automatically be logged into the site.

The information you shared in the member registration form must be correct. The member registration form cannot be re-registered to HappiMa with the previously registered e-mail address. The password you choose should be easy to remember but must be something that cannot be guessed by others.

The e-mail address that you registered may be invalid or misspelled. In such a case, the confirmation email required for your subscription will not reach you. For this reason, you should use a valid e-mail address. If you have typed your e-mail address correctly, but the confirmation e-mail has not arrived yet, your e-mail provider may have sent it to the 'junk', 'bulk' or 'spam' folder in your inbox. Please check these folders.


You can add products from different promotions to your cart and purchase them with a single shipping fee. You cannot add products to an order you have already paid for. However, by canceling your order, you can create a new order and add the missing products. You can have all products sent to your address in the same shipment.

The order you place is sent for shipment based on the delivery time of the products it contains. The delivery time is 2 working days. You can track your orders through our site. However, obstructive factors can delay the delivery of your item.

You can check your orders in the ‘My Orders’ tab in the HappiMa website "My Account " section.


You can use Card payment, Cash payment, or Account transfer.

Sure, You can pay on delivery time.

Currently, we do not offer any kind of installments


Yes, You can return your items within two days.

No, You can return all item within two days, but the team will check them before taking them back.

The products you have added to your cart are not reserved. As long as the products are available for sale, they can be stored in your cart.